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Free the Slaves staff Jacob Patton, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, and Peggy Callahan will be blogging here to keep track of what we know about trafficking and US contractors in Iraq and how the warslavery.org campaign is going.


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WarSlavery Campaign | Summer '07 Update

The last few months have been a busy time here at the WarSlavery Campaign. The plight of workers and growing concern about the New Embassy Compound have captured attention from the media as well as the federal government.


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Judiciary Committee Testimony | Concerns over Military Contractors

Scott Horton’s testimony Testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in June of 2007.


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Video: Laura Watts' Taxes to End Slavery

I’m excited to highlight an awesome idea Free the Slaves/WarSlavery supporter Laura Watts had. Check her YouTube video here …


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Not4Sale highlights WarSlavery Campaign

Free the Slaves is proud to be an original partner to the Not4Sale campaign.


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Video: WarSlavery.org Campaign

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who have responded to the WarSlavery Campaign. Check out our video synopsis of the campaign!



Watchdog group urges Congress to investigate trafficking

The non-governmental watchdog group, Project on Government Oversight (POGO), recently released a list of 13 suggested oversight priorities for the new Congress in 2007.

Top of the list? “Addressing Federal Contractor Misconduct”.


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Trafficking Troubles Tip of Contracting Iceberg

The outsourcing of war duties has created a lucrative new market for human traffickers. A host of activities that used to be considered the sole domain of the federal government has been hired out to private contractors. Private US citizens are conducting interrogations, intelligence gathering and analysis here in the United States and abroad. Critical security functions around the world are carried out by US-based corporations responsible for war duties previously performed by the military. And many Americans would be surprised to know that economic migrants from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Nepal are cooking and serving food to US troops in Iraq. Some of them were tricked into the situation through false promises of high-paying jobs in Jordan, but instead their papers were confiscated, they were shipped to Iraq and forced to work on US military bases. US taxpayers footed the bill, and human traffickers profited.


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Latest WarSlavery Campaign Update

This e-update went to all Free the Slaves and WarSlavery supporters in late 2006. It recaps the campaign and announces an anticipated State Department investigation.


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Congress, Rumsfeld, Gates: Different Faces, Same Issue

Both the Republican Administration and the incoming Democratic Congress are on the record against trafficking in Iraq. The record is a start but action is what actually makes the difference between slavery and freedom!


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New Reports by Independent Journalist David Phinney Sheds Light on Additional Abuse

I recently interviewed David Phinney, an independent journalist based in Washington, DC. Phinney, who has been covering the issue of human trafficking by US government contractors since 2004, has released several new stories in which he interviews American contractors who have witnessed firsthand the labor abuses occurring in Iraq.


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David Phinney Recaps Accusations Against First Kuwaiti

Independent journalist David Phinney has compiled a list of current allegations regarding First Kuwaiti Trading & Contracting.


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